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Handling System

PAMTEK is the manufacturer of handling systems which are essential in automation industry.

We have expanded our business across industry from ultra-precision & small device handling to diverse fields. With the development of module-type independent universal P&P, we have improved the performances of testing equipment, made maintenance more convenient and considerably enhanced work efficiency.

Main handling target devices (ultra-precision | small devices)
  • Camera Module
  • Flexible PCB
  • Laser Module
  • Sensing Module
  • Wafer
  • Semiconductor Chip
  • Tray / Magazine / Socket / Stacker / Carrier / Buffer
Key handling features
  • Pick & Place(P&P)

    PAMTEK’s picker (vacuum type included) and gripper are specially designed to pick and place diverse high-accuracy small devices. We have developed diverse shapes with various materials for precise control.

    In addition, we have improved productivity by integrating the picker and gripper for multi P&P.

  • Transferring

    Transferring, a must-have element for automation technology, is used in the cylinder, robots, linear motors and servo motors for pick & place. For this, it moves X, Y and Z axes and implements automatic control.

  • Folding

    Folding is used in the flexible FPCB. To fold a device which is as small as a module FPCB, this feature is performed by moving, rotating and pressing X, Y and Z-axes, using a heater and an electric gripper. For precise and accurate control, diverse sensors are used.

  • Unfolding

    Unfolding is used for flexible FPCBs, just like folding, but it is a function that restores the folded FPCBs to their original state.

    Pamtech holds patents related to the automation of folding/unfolding.

  • Bending

    Just like folding/unfolding, bending is used in the flexible FPCB. Unlike fully folding the FPCB, this feature is used to fold the unit.

    It is needed to change the shape depending on the position or feature of the FPCB. In this sense, we have enabled its diverse changes, using precise handling technologies.

  • Dubbing

    Dubbing is a technique needed to transfer multiple devices. We pick them up at a time, using multiple pickers or grippers. It is useful in controlling ultra-precision small devices such as camera modules. With this feature, you are able to shorten transfer time efficiently.

  • Flipping

    Flipping is a process to rotate a device tray or carrier. It is used to move on to the next step when front and back are reversed depending on device situations. It could also be flipped with a module in the tray or carrier depending on circumstances.

  • Sorting

    This feature is used in sorting good items for device classification. It performs diverse inspections, using sensors and visions and classifies FAIL.