Future Automation Technology in Diverse Fields, PAMTEK


PAMTEK has made a brilliant appearance in automation by shortening the smartphone camera manufacturing process, reducing production time and enhancing work efficiency innovatively with automation solutions.

We developed a CCM test semi-auto system for the first time in the Republic of Korea in 2006. Since then, we launched CCM assembly, inspection and handling equipment in 2013 and established an automation equipment portfolio which is currently used across CCM processes. We have expanded our business to ultra-precision and small-size product production & inspection facilities which are optimized in manufacturing XR and vehicles, going beyond smartphone camera modules.

Vehicle Module

We develop and provide electronic camera lens automatic assembly systems and test equipment such as ACU, MEB, IVI and FMUX.

In all automotive electronic module inspection facilities, we are able to upgrade general control levels in the production line in connection with MES. We have also strengthened our position as an automation specialist in diverse fields from electronic camera lens production facilities to various electronic module inspection systems and even automobiles.


With advanced semiconductor technology, we have pioneered new semiconductor R&D market by providing the world’s first failure analysis sample preparation equipment which integrated all processes in 2017 based on our extensive semiconductor process automation development knowhow, using R&D-specialized equipment.

We have also innovatively shortened test time through lightweight and miniaturization and helped our clients improve their work efficiency.

Smart Factory

We have developed precise handling technologies and accumulated specialized knowhow through continued investments and R&Ds. We have built diverse full-automated inline systems in the camera module and semiconductor lines and reduced workload, eliminating human errors at work. Furthermore, we have taken the initiative in reducing costs and enhancing work efficiency.

Based on such efforts, we made history across automation industry from high-tech industry to regular manufacturing sectors. We are now expanding our business in smart factory.