Progressive (innovative) PAMTEK (Progressive: Enhanced or upgraded, pursuing social changes or development)

Core Technology

PAMTEK owns core technologies and manufacturing knowhow which are needed in automation industry.

Since our foundation, we have developed and provided optimum automation solutions over nearly 2 decades based on our progressive and young thoughts and ideas.

The excellence of our handling technology which is essential in automation solution has been proven through win-win growth with the world’s top-tier clients. We have been further developing such technology according to industry trends.

  • 2 decade-long automation knowhow
  • Over 70% in R&D and technology development
  • Over 4,000 units in terms of the total number of equipment provided
  • Business sites at key areas at home and abroad
  • Diverse handling capabilities which is essential in automation industry

Automation equipment design

PAMTEK owns design standardization technology which is needed to control ultra-precision and miniaturized high-tech items. We also have the process designed to offer a client-centered hardware platform. To save time and money, we perform 3D design and simulation.

Through such process, we are able to detect and fix errors before design. We can also predict the manufacturing process through design verification and figure out a possible problem in advance, enabling smooth communication with clients.

High-accuracy motion control

With high-accuracy motion control technology, we are able to control micro-movements based on our 2 decade-long automation knowhow and realize high accuracy and repeatability.

We control motor motions, using diverse vision, sensor and control algorithms and enhance product quality and productivity by monitoring production history and yield in realtime. Furthermore, we are able to regulate the strength of vacuum by packaging and standardizing nano-motion control software in a library form. We also enable precise control by minimizing errors such as picker-gripper position, speed, acceleration, rotation and vibration.

Image processing

PAMTEK checks product quality and monitors manufacturing processes, using industrial cameras and image-processing software.

We acquire data such as appearance and dimensions through machine vision and extract features, enhancing accuracy by applying top & bottom vision algorithms. In addition, we increase data recognition rates in ultra-precision & miniaturization industry, save large data and speeding up work by applying data matrix (QR).

Parts development

PAMTEK has engaged in R&Ds on the development of parts which are used in automation equipment.

We improve machine performances by enhancing parts performances. Then, we secure stability and reduce machine failure rates. The use of standardized compatible parts makes it easy to repair machine. Ultimately, we have strengthened price competitiveness through cost reduction.

At present, we are developing diverse parts which are essential in automation equipment such as a high-speed handler, a TEC controller, an interface board and a transfer robot.