Automation solutions in high-tech semiconductors


PAMTEK opened a door towards semiconductor automation technology in 2003 as the mass production of semiconductors started in the Republic of Korea. We expanded our semiconductor business fields through diverse wafer and module PCB-related automation technologies and semiconductor packaging process automation technologies. We have also formed a partnership with major companies and accumulated extensive manufacturing knowhow in high-precision advanced semiconductor industry.

Our diverse semiconductor process automation technologies have accomplished lightweight and miniaturization. They are used in managing production yield, making a contribution to the improvement of work efficiency.

Major Semiconductor Product

Semiconductor Product Line-up

Function Logic Test Reel Tape Inspector & Sorter BIB Test Memory T2B Transfer Memory Test
Module PCB
Function RF Module Test Laser Marking(RF/Package) Particle Remover / Dotting PCB Transfer Tray Alignment Inspector
Function Wafer Sorting PR Stripper Wafer Laser Marking Wafer Film Expander SEM Sample Prep