Smart Factory

From inline automation facilities in high-tech industry to automation solutions in general manufacturing sites

Smart Factory

We have expanded inline systems to maximize the productivity of our automation solutions. Specifically, we have increased 24-hour productivity through an unmanned system and considerably reduced human errors by minimizing human interventions. In particular, we have provided an auto-inline system since 2018 and diversified our clients from optical module industry to back-end process industry and regular manufacturing industry, helping them increase their sales.

With such efforts, we have made history in smart factory automation and taken the initiative in reducing costs and enhancing work efficiency.

Inline System Introduction

Tray(Module) PackingSemiconductor Reel Packing

Tray(Module) Packing

Handle all tray (module) packing processes at a time automatically! With a tray packing inline system, we have improved process convenience through the automatic handling of complicated module packing processes and maximized space efficiency. In addition, we innovatively improve productivity through one-stop automatic packing and reduce costs by minimizing human interventions.

Input Items
  • Tray
  • Sheet
  • OPP film
  • Silica gel
  • Shield bag
  • Label
Automation Process
  • Tray separating & loading
  • Vision checking
  • Sheet placing on tray Sheet
  • Tray stacking
  • Tray rotation 90°
  • Tray banding OPP film
  • Silica gel adding Silica gel
  • Tray inserting in shied bagShield bag
  • Shield bag sealing
  • Label attaching on shield bag Label
  • Package unloading
  • Complete

Semiconductor Reel Packing

Handle more than 10 different processes at a time automatically through semiconductor peel packing! With a system which automated about 10 different complicated processes from reel packing to the inner box, we maximized process convenience through our semiconductor reel packing inline system and enhanced reliability through error checking in diverse fields.

Input Items
  • Reel
  • Label(Barcode)
  • Label(ESD)
  • Label(MBB)
  • Silica gel
  • Shield bag
  • HIC card
  • Inner box
  • Bubble Sheet
  • ESD Tape
Automation Process
  • Pre-process Pink Label Reading (dedicated BCR)
  • Reel Label Attach(Barcode & Special Label)
  • BCR Reading
  • Desi Pak & Indicator P&P
  • Shield Bag Barcode & Special Label Attach & Reading
  • Shield Bag P&P
  • HIC & Desi Pak loss test
  • Insert Reel Into Shield Bag & Sealing
  • Inner Box Side Folding
  • Insert Reel Into Inner Box
  • Inner Box Top Folding
  • Inner Box Barcode & Special Label Attach
  • BCR Reading(Image Save)
  • Insert Into Stacker
  • Stacker Unloader(Complete)

Inline system applications